Brigade’s Experience Using an MVC Alternative

“As stated by its creators, VIPER provides a guide to building an application architecture and can be adjusted to fit individual applications. This will be a discussion of what VIPER is and how we’ve adjusted it to fit our needs.”

VIPER architecture for iOS applications.

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    Napster’s Sean Parker Wants You to Vote

    With Brigade Media, a startup launched earlier this year, Parker and other Silicon Valley backers want to create a network focused on citizen engagement and political life. Brigade is still under development, but its developers hope to fundamentally alter the way citizens organize politically. Brigade acquired and Votizen in June, two websites that also seek to boost civic engagement. State and local elections will be a primary focus for the venture, says Brigade president James Windon, formerly of “What we want to do is help people understand how significant state and local offices are,” Windon says. “A lot of people don’t know what the offices are or what they do. Even if they know what they are, they don’t know who the candidates are or what they stand for.”

    Napster’s Sean Parker Wants You to Vote.

    With voter turnout at all-time lows in some places, the first president of Facebook is launching a tech startup to boost civic engagement.

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      Communicate to Code

      “Programming rests firmly on the foundation of math and logic. Writing is bound by an inconsistent and evolving set of rules. The electronic mind of the machine is coldly unforgiving when executing a buggy program, while essays riddled with problems are published constantly without any major issues.

      Superficially, these two activities don’t seem all that related; however, I think that programming and writing actually have a lot in common, and that by practicing one you will improve at the other and more.”

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