HyperVM Source Released… but is LXCenter Dead?

LXCenter, the newly formed community group to replace what was LXLabs, have finally published the HyperVM and Kloxo source-code and opened access to the development and hosting communities… but is LXCenter, and ultimately HyperVM’s community, now dead and deserted by it’s once loyal supporters? Continue reading

    Redhat Release Bugfix: CentOS RPM Updates Still Behind

    Recently RedHat pushed out a pretty major bugfix advisory for wget which addresses the following issues:

    286161 – “wget –recursive” only retrieves index.html instead of all files
    436822 – wget ignores ‘-P’ when Content-Disposition set on server
    459679 – wget –mirror failing to retrieve files on FTP site
    492672 – –no-content-disposition option aborts wget

    Unfortunately at the time I’m writing this the v1.11.4 of wget has not been pushed out to any of the CentOS repositories.  Continue reading