The Great Migration

Moving a multi-million MAU site to the cloud in 3 weeks with minimal downtime

It was October 29th, 2014. We were making a routine visit to our datacenter in south San Francisco, where the servers powering were humming along as always.

In the hallway, we ran into a network engineer who worked at the datacenter. “So you guys are moving out today, then?” he asked.

Puzzled, we asked what prompted the question.

“Didn’t you get the notice? Our provider was unable to renew the lease. Everyone needs to be out of here by the end of the year”

Brigade Ambassadors

    Living in the Future

    “The ECMAScript 6 standard (ES6, a.k.a. “harmony”), introduces new features to add speed and elegance to JavaScript development including generators, classes, constants, and much more. Completion of the standard is targeted for June 2015, but the features are stable and well documented. We know exactly what fun new things will be added, and some ES6 features are already seeing support in browsers.”

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    Brigade Ambassadors

      Brigade’s Experience Using an MVC Alternative

      “As stated by its creators, VIPER provides a guide to building an application architecture and can be adjusted to fit individual applications. This will be a discussion of what VIPER is and how we’ve adjusted it to fit our needs.”

      VIPER architecture for iOS applications.

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